Sean's story

I began working with JD back in 2010 when I first met him at Urban Active.  During one of my own workouts, this crazy guy who we recognized as a trainer there, comes up and starts talking to us.  We let him know about what our workout was and goals, and he retorts with when are you ever going to have 300lbs sit on your chest and not be dead.  After realizing his logic, we went through a workout with him, and when we grabbed only two 10lbs weights for myself and friend, we thought wait this is going to be an easy workout and we’ll get back to what we were doing before.  Needless to say, the workout we did was more exhausting than any workout we had done prior.  After that we began to work with JD two times a week for the next four months.  During the months that followed we began to see a method to his madness and his workouts were some of the most taxing and enriching exercises I have done.  Also during this time, I had signed up to join the Army and entrusted JD to prepare me both physically and mentally.  I was right in my judgment here.  JD having been ex-military knew just the way to push me beyond what I thought I could do.  I left in April of 2011 and went off to boot camp proceeded by Officer Candidate School.  During my officer training I relied on the training that JD had put me through and his never quit approach. With the training I had been provided coming into the Army I successfully completed some of the toughest training the Army has to offer.  Of a class of 115 I was one of the 81 candidates that were commissioned an officer in United States Army.  Upon returning home I returned to working with JD intermittently until February.  In February I started working with him full time.  Realizing that from not working out consistently over the winter months and had loss some of my fitness level JD slowly worked me back in over the next couple weeks.  After that I was performing better than I had ever been before.  Recently I did some bench mark workouts that I previously could never have completed due to my previous fitness level.  My biggest accomplishment was completing the workout “Barbara” without any assistance in the pull-ups.  I am set to leave again come the beginning of April and believe that I am now on my way to being in the best shape of my life and I have JD and his instruction to thank.

Sean Payne 2nd Lieutenant United States Army
330 Weaver Rd #100
Florence KY 41042 (view larger map)