T.J. French's Story

I have been a member of various gyms in three different states. But none of them compare to Florence Strength and Conditioning. I was member here for just about a year. The only reasons I left are because I moved further away and have fluctuating work nights. From my first day there, it felt like I was part of a family. All of the athletes who train there are so helpful and the atmosphere is extremely team based. JD is intense and he adapts his coaching techniques to get through to anybody. It didn't matter if you had been training for 20 years or you had never trained at all, this gym made you feel welcomed and the team pushed you at a pace designed for success. The program is based by science and as long as you put in the effort, the results and the gains will be plentiful. You will become stronger physically and mentally. You will meet friends that you will consider family, and you will be stronger than you ever have been before. There will be a new fire in you that you might not have ever known was there.
330 Weaver Rd #100
Florence KY 41042 (view larger map)